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Tez (Cortez) N Tam (Tammy) are a national entertainment group that specializes in Neo-soul, gospel, jazz, R&B, and inspirational love songs. The duo was married on August 9,2010.   "Adam and Eve was commanded to work the Garden of Eden together," says Tam, "even when they fell from grace, they still stayed together. Marriage is a covenant from God for man and woman to dwell together in love and unity."

Tez N Tam are the owners of Zetroc Marketing & Management where they manage and develop artists, sports leagues, banquet halls, and etc. There is no stopping to this dynamic duo and their business empire.

On Valentines Day 2014, Tez N Tam made their official debut with overwhelming response that birthed the Tez N Tam Show.  They have their first gospel single " Time" available now on all media and social outlets.

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